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Carnelian Runes


Carnelian is associated with improving organization, aiding in relaxation and lend themselves to a sense of personal wholeness. They help in balance and chakra alignment. Associated mainly with the root chakra, carnelian helps bring love to the work of its possessor. It is also a stone of protection, and is used in particular for protection during astral travel. Carnelian encourages attunement and communication with animals and can help with animal allergies, plus other allergies. It brings happiness and a good outlook on life and eases stress.


Each set of Carnelian Elder Futhark rune stones includes 25 natural pieces which have been tumbled and polished to bring out their finest qualities. Because the stones are all natural, each set will vary from the one pictured above. This makes each set a personalized work of art from Mother Earth herself. Twenty four of the pieces are engraved with gold Elder Futhark letters. The 25th stone is left blank, which completes the set. Each set of rune stones includes directions for use and a velveteen storage bag.

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