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Coming Soon Yoni Steam Sessions

In 2020 Rose Became a Yoni Steam Practitioner and has a Strong Passion for Healing the Sacral & Root Chakra by using Reiki Healing and Teaching Yoni Egg Classes throughout the past 10 years, Yoni Steam is Now another Great Add on to her Healing Journey for herself and for her Students and Clients.

Yoni Steam Session Cost :


                                                 15 mins $35  ( Add Reiki Energy for $25)

                                                 30 mins $55  ( Add Reiki Energy Work for $25 )

                                                 45 Mins $90 Plus Reiki Energy Work


                                           Available for Yoni Steam Parties max of 4 women at Shop

                                         Contact Rose for Party prices 

                                           All Sessions By appointment Only , Before and After Store                                               Hours .



              Covid Friendly Yoni Stools for Yoni Steaming Sessions at
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