Seers N Sayers

 Metaphysical / Self Healing Center 


Bio Mat Session:

30mins = $45

60mins = $65

Chakra Tuning Fork Balance/Alignment Session:

Crown to Root = $10

Crown to Root from Root to Crown = $20

Chakra Singing Bowl Balance/Alignment Session :

Crown to Root = $15

Crown to Root from Root to Crown = $25

Full Chakra Balancing / Alignment Package:

30mins = $65  (Includes: Bio Mat , Tuning Forks , Singing Bowls + Reiki )

60mins = $100   ( Includes : Bio Mat, Tuning Forks , Singing Bowls + Reiki)

Seers N Sayers Also Appreciates and Accepts Love offerings if you have walked the Labyrinth Today, or sat under the copper pyramid , and or meditated in the Universal Medicine Wheel , to Honor The Sacred Space we are providing to you all to help you on your self healing soul journey of self....Peace and Blessings Thankyou

Health benefits of the Bio – Mat:

  1. Improves circulation and cardiovascular function

  2. Improves immune system function

  3. The Bio – Mat relieves pain

  4. The Bio – Mat Burns calories and controls weight

  5. The Bio – Mat relieves joint pain and stiffness

  6. The Bio – Mat reduces stress and fatigue

  7. Bio – Mat improves skin

  8. Removes bodily Toxins and assist in detoxification