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3:37 PM on October 16, 2013

Rose is an amazing psychic medium/healer. She has always been extremely accurate with readings for me. She is very Spiritual, and has a great passion for helping others. I highly recommend her for readings or Spiritual work! â?¥

stephanie madison

8:01 PM on October 7, 2012 

Rose is a excellent psychic/medium and healer. I am very grateful for her friendship :) and all of our spiritual growth!!

vanna Burtch

3:11 PM on October 7, 2012

Hi Rose, Thank you for caa the great info both in readings and friendly conversation. All the clients at Sweetgrass were blessed with the info received during readings there. I really enjoyed your mentoring for the fun night and am so glad you come from the heart space and not ego. Love ya!

Angela Spicer

2:06 PM on October 7, 2012

You are a awesome reader and also a awesome person!!!!


10:47 AM on December 2, 2009

Hello, wanted you to know I checked your site. I like it. Blessings, Carroll


9:36 PM on August 15, 2009

Rose provided me with a reading that was exactly right and helpful...she brought tears to my eyes! She was able to recognize unresolved issues in my life, my own psychic abilities, & communication from my mother-in-law who had passed away (with a message I so desperately needed). she was right on about my physical health issues- just amazing- even giving the health issues a name and describing them for me. Rose is a blessing to me...she has given me one of the best gifts possible. Thank you so much Rose. Not only were you quick to respond, but you were compassionate and just exactly right. Thanks so much!! I may now be able to "let go" of some deep difficult emotions I have had for so long....thank you.


10:46 AM on July 10, 2009 

Great site! Tina from Cafemom......


11:00 AM on May 24, 2009

Beautiful website! I love it! You are wonderful!

Jennie Eversole

8:56 PM on April 19, 2009

I really need a reading on my mother that just passed. There are alot of rumors about some things and its causing me to be really depressed

Jeanette Fackler

8:27 PM on April 15, 2009

Hi. Your site is so peaceful! Makes me want to take up home here!!!:roll:

Faery Mum

7:55 PM on April 9, 2009

I love the new site. Talk to you soon!

Cindy Henderson

6:25 PM on February 4, 2009

Hi Rose!

Just stopping by to say hi. Hope all is well with you. Blessings Cindy


1:43 PM on January 12, 2009

Hi, my name is paige. I am really thankful for an attempt to reach the loved ones that I know that Have passed. I also have other questions for you. so can you let me know what info you need from me. Or do you need to speak with me personally on the phone? thank you again , Paige

color=indigo says...


12:56 AM on December 30, 2008

This is a great site, lots of information


10:32 AM on December 10, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for reading my sons on Cafemom. I'm looking up what Rainbow, Indigo and Crystal are now because that's what you got from them. I love your site!



Reiki Man

2:24 PM on December 7, 2008

[Good job on the site


8:16 PM on December 6, 2008

What a beautiful and calming site. Thanks, Lisa


7:39 PM on July 3, 2008

I like your site!


9:30 AM on February 8, 2008

Thank you so much for all you do at CM!


12:01 PM on December 22, 2007

hello there love your site .be safe.


4:22 PM on November 29, 2007

Hey I love what you've done with the site.


10:54 AM on September 20, 2007

What a beautiful site! Much love to all healers!


11:08 AM on September 14, 2007

What a beautiful site!! Just showing some love :)


4:35 PM on September 12, 2007

your site look beautimous! i look forward to my first reading with you....peace....


2:29 PM on September 4, 2007

hey love the site. glad everythings going well for you!!


9:49 AM on September 4, 2007

hi there rose just stopped by to tell you that i love your site its soo cool. also thanks for the reading, it was great!


1:30 PM on September 3, 2007

Great site!!!


8:49 PM on September 2, 2007

Stopping by to say hi, and checkin out the page :)


5:40 PM on September 2, 2007

thank you all for your cments i appreciate it!..

Cheryl Edwards

3:09 PM on September 2, 2007

This is totally awesome!!!!!!!!


1:15 PM on September 2, 2007

very cool site ,i love it angel blessings sheila:D


11:14 AM on September 2, 2007

Beautiful! I really love how you set it up.


11:49 PM on September 1, 2007

Hello, Rose! Ur new site looks really awesome! :)8)


11:19 PM on September 1, 2007

Rose! You did an AWESOME job with your site!!! Now it's YOU that needs to show me some of your secrets to making it look great!!! LOVE it! And thanks for adding my link to The Inner Goddess! I'll get your link in soon!!!


10:48 PM on September 1, 2007

Hi Rose! Your sight looks great. You are going to do great. I believe in you and your gifts.

Yours truely.



8:41 PM on September 1, 2007


Came by to check your new site out


7:48 PM on September 1, 2007

Hey congrats on your web page!


6:34 PM on September 1, 2007

ty all for your comments


6:12 PM on September 1, 2007

Hey Honey,I am here to check out your new site. Love to you, Dove


6:11 PM on September 1, 2007

Leaving you a message! :-) So excited for you!

Ashley Edwards

6:06 PM on September 1, 2007

Just takin a look around your site!! It looks GREAT! :D


5:45 PM on September 1, 2007

Hi, just leave a meassage here and light

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