Seers N Sayers

 Metaphysical /Psychic Medium Readings


We host learning events.

Spiritual Meetup

This free group event is held Once a Month. 
This is a great way to meet like minded folks, and talk about your spirituality and share your spiritual views.
It is also a great way to learn and share your very own gifts and talents with others. 
   We Appreciate Love Offerings for this Event.  

Gallery With Rose

Bring ALL Your Friends and Family to this Gallery, A Gallery Is When a Psychic or Medium will do Readings for a Entire group of People, Rose is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher, She is Able to See the Past ,Present and Future and she is also Able to Communicate with Spirit. This can Be a Very Fun event For Many, Roses Group readings are similar to The Long Island Medium and John Edwards. Space is Limited So Please call ahead of Time to Sign Up, at 248-820-3363

Price is $20.00 Space is Limited Must sign up 10 people max.

Reiki Share

This event is only held for Roses Reiki Students
This event Is held once a Month. Check the calender of a set date. If you are Reiki attuned to level 1,2, 3, or teacher level, this is a great way to practice your Reiki skills with Love and Light in a group setting. It is also the best way to learn when working together so you will become more aware.

Love offering for this event.

Spiritual Speed Dating

This is a Great way to have the chance to find your Soul Mate or Twin Flame.
This is a Fun Event ! Find Your True Love
Please email for any inquiries as event depends on number of people who apply.
Price: $5.00 per person
No Strings Attached Class :

Rose Will Be teaching a Yoni Egg Workshop, There will also be a Free Follow Up Meetup On Yoni Eggs After 2 weeks from the first yoni egg workshop, You will receive a Black Obsidian Yoni Egg, Rose has been studying the yoni eggs for 5  years now.This Workshop will help many  women  be aware on how to cleanse and Clear their lower chakras and balance out the meridians in the body. This is a Workshop you do not want to miss everyone.  Price : $30.00

Universal Medicine Wheel Class

The Universal Wheel is 13 stones that form a sacred circle. It is used to honor Spirit and all the elements. 

These 13 stones represent: 1 Creator , 4 Spirit, 4 element , 1 masculine, 1 feminine, 1 sun and 1 moon.

This sacred circle is a tool used to go within yourself, the wheel will help take you directly there.

Taught by Rose, healing energy is created within this sacred circle and healing takes place when you step inside. Also within the circle, a safe environment is created to meditate in, helping you to connect your energy to your higher self. The wheel is a ritual for personal, emotional, physical, and spiritual development and satisfaction. You will always find something within the wheel that resonates with your Spirit. Come and be a part of the wheel.

Cost for class: $30.00

Psychic Development Beginners Class

Rose will teach you the basics of psychic development,and introduce you to many different psychic tools and how to properly use them, including tarot cards, runes, pendulums, and dowsing rods. We will also have fun psychic games that will help develop your gifts.

Cost for class: $30.00

Mediumship Class

This class will help you  develop your communication with spirit and become more aware of your gift. This is a great class to learn how to understand the messages you receive from your spirit guides,angels,ect. A class that will definitely put your gifts to the test in a fun/safe environment.

Cost for class: $30.00

Psychic Protection Class

Rose Will Be teaching Psychic Protection, She is very Experienced in this area. This Class will teach you about chakras,the violet flame, and many different modalities on how to protect yourself on a psychic level. She will also teach you how to be aware of a psychic attack, and how to stop one from happening to you.

Cost for class: $30.00

Spiritual Cord Cutting

Rose will help guide You Into a Small Meditation to Cut Spiritual Cords that No Longer Serves your Highest Good. With permission Rose will Call On her Evolved Spirit Guides , Ascended Masters and Angels that will help her Cut Your Unwanted Spiritual Cords For You.  By releasing Things and People that No Longer Serves your Highest Good,Cord Cutting Classes are Great for that . Price: $22.22