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Rose did a reading for me, she is amazing! She was acurate, intuative and insightful. I plan on having her do all my readings in the future. I have a great amount of faith in her gifts! You will not regret having her do a reading for you. Jonezin

Rose has always hit it right on the spot with me. I've been blessed to have the opportunity to have crossed paths with her! Theinnergoddess

Rose is very good at readings everything she has told me has been right on the mark. I have had two readings and was never disappointed. I would suggest her to anyone. Ipsey

Thank you so much for the readings. You were so on target and wonderful to talk to :-) Donna

Rose has given me some really interesting things from readings. One was when she saw where I was going to go to rekindle my search for a family member. I was feeling lost. She said this new way would get me to where I need to be to find the missing person. She was right on. I a couple days ago, was right where she saw me. I did not even realize that I was there until about 15 min after. Then I just stopped dead in my tracks and said "Rose was right!!!" I know this is a great thing and now can not wait for the rest of the things she saw for me to come true.

Rose is Awesome!!!!!!!! Triblessed

rose gave me a reading, it was not only insightful but very dead on, her reading erased my fear of having a repeat c-section. she's awsome and i look forward to my next reading! I am Tish

Rose provided me with a reading that was exactly right and helpful...she brought tears to my eyes! She was able to recognize unresolved issues in my life, my own psychic abilities, & communication from my mother-in-law who had passed away (with a message I so desperately needed). she was right on about my physical health issues- just amazing- even giving the health issues a name and describing them for me. Rose is a blessing to me...she has given me one of the best gifts possible. Thank you so much Rose. Not only were you quick to respond, but you were compassionate and just exactly right. Thanks so much!! I may now be able to "let go" of some deep difficult emotions I have had for so long....thank you.[ Kimber

Rose has given me readings for 4 1/2 years and they were all accurate. She's very intuitive and honest. She tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. She's straight to the point and no "fishing" around. I come to her when ever I need to know the TRUTH. Rose is an awesome psychic. I'd recommend her to everyone.Niqua

Rose offers a refreshing change in the psychic community. She is warm and caring, relates easily to one's needs and concerns, and offers a clear path through any situation. I followed through on a reading with her, and am now enjoying a fantastic new career!

all best,

Deb year 2016

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Sale : 15 minute Phone Reading


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